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Enjoy Buying Textbooks and Avoid Jellyfish!

Buying textbooks is almost as bad(and as painful!) as being stung by a jellyfish. Having been stung by a jellyfish, I know the pain. And yes, it hurts as much as your wallet does by buying college textbooks. However, there is this awesome thing called The Amazon Marketplace. I just bought a $180 textbook for $20! Another one of my textbooks is $80 at the bookstore, and I am getting it for 19 cents. Yes, 19 CENTS! What is even better is you can then sell your books back to Amazon, and often make money on them. I can buy a book for a few dollars and then sell it again for more than it costs. Now, you are no longer losing money with textbooks, but making money! Seriously, make sure to check it out. And never buy a textbook from the bookstore ever again!  🙂