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Featured Friday: Tower of London

Every Friday I will update with a new travel destination. Today, it is the Tower of London!

Quick Facts:

Location: London, England

Website: http://www.hrp.org.uk/toweroflondon

What is it: A very old stone tower steeped in history and legend. Ghost stories, murders, ruffians and royals all have their place in The Tower of London. The Beefeaters will give you a tower with plenty of jolly good fun and a the hidden history of the Tower.

Favorite Memory: One of the most interesting aspects of the Tower of London is to see the rooms where prisoners had etched in artwork. Messages scratched into the walls range from ominous to depressing. Prisoners such as Lady Jane Grey among others have all left their mark permanently imposed onto the infamous Tower walls.

Time Saving Tip: Go to the Tower early in the morning, and see the crown jewels right away. In the morning, the line for the jewels will be minimal. Wait a few hours and it will be very long!

If you are in London, don’t miss the Tower!

Now, the photos: