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Featured Friday: Rothenburg, Germany

Where can you see artifacts of grisly torture and interesting methods of punishment amidst quaint cobbled streets and ancient walls? Why, Rothenburg op de Tauber, where they have a neat and instructional Medieval Crime and Punishment museum!

Quick Facts:

Location: Rothenburg op de Tauber, Germany

Website: http://www.kriminalmuseum.rothenburg.de

What Is It: This museum will show you forms of medieval torture, punishment, lawmaking, and some of the world’s first folding chairs! As you wander its dank and dark tunnels and emerge in the light and airy atrium, you will have the opportunity to learn and explore how people were punished hundreds of years ago. Some of the exhibits are almost humorous, such as the grotesque metal masks, but also sobering, like the whips and executioners block. Regardless, this museum cannot be missed on your next trip to Rothenburg!

Favorite Memory: One of my favorite exhibits was the one that showed how prisoners would sit on the ground and goats would come by and lick their feet. It would tickle so badly, they could not stop laughing. That was their form of punishment. I know a few people who would not mind that punishment….

Now, for the pictures!


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